Voting tools


A website on which people can vote for their favourite. It all sounds so simple… but it’s not. Over the years, we’ve had a strong focus on developing our voting tools in a way that is reliable, and at the same time, we have made our basic template platform on which all voting tools run as flexible as possible so that every election can use it.


This flexibility is important, as every election is different. An election with nominees in each category, or according to municipality, province or an national election. 1 or multiple voting rounds, counting up the number of votes along with the ratings, etc. All of this is possible!

Both the desired design of the voting tools and the voting process can be fully customised. There are so many options, and our experience means we are well-placed to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Our voting tools are suitable for all devices, including the mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. They can also be linked with Facebook, SMS and database checks

At the same time, our voting tools are highly reliable: high numbers of votes at the same time (e.g. during a television programme) is not issue. And of course – crucially important in an election – every vote made is registered and counts. We can publish interim updates at any time. And because an election shouldn’t offer any click competition, our voting tools offer people the opportunity to vote just once (or twice, or three times if you’d prefer). Finally, we have developed as system that recognises unauthorised votes (fraud). A fraud check is also carried out manually for each intermediate and final score.

Would you like to find out more about our voting tools? If so, get in touch!