Public Interactive Event Tool (PIET)

Imagine you’re organising an event and want to create interaction between the audience and the speakers. Or maybe you’d like to allow the audience to vote or gauge realtime opinions from propositions?  Good idea.

You’ve done a search online and can see that all kinds of software is available, but you don’t want a log-in where you have to set everything up yourself. And you don’t want the audience to have to download an app first; nobody enjoys that.

You want a reliable tool that always works, suitable for an audience of 10 to 10,000 people. And it has to be performed in the precise way you envisaged, and you want to be able to communicate that easily on the telephone or in a meeting. All very logical.

And you want the results to be displayed on the screen in real time (or you’d prefer to opt out of that feature). If something changes, you want these changes to be made at short notice. Everything in the event’s house style, based on the event’s URL. Simply professional.

And you love to be inspired by everything that this tool can do, and how it’s used by other events. Plus it has to be affordable.

Pick PIET. The Public Interactive Event Tool by Vote Company. Would you like to find out more about PIET? If so, get in touch.


PIET is used by;

– Cday, national specialist congress for communication professionals at which Cody Keenen, Obama’s speechwriter, gave a talk.

– Corporate Finance Summit

– Voting for Eneco Zonnehub (with unique codes for voters to ensure one-off voting)