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Hot topic now during the Corona crisis: do you want to use an affordable, reliable and safe voting tool for, for example, an association, Members Meeting, works council or participation council? Then use our voting tool, contact us or go to online voting tool

We’d be delighted to assist you. We specialise entirely in preparing, organising and publicising elections. We do so for clients including the Musical Awards, the Zoover Awards, the MKB Innovatie Top 100 (KVK), the voting for the Most Beautiful Natural Area (Ministry of Financial Affairs, the Mantelzorg Awards and the Company of the Year Elections (NOC*NSF & Rabobank).


Be inspired by the wonderful elections that we facilitate, organise, add to in terms of impact and publicise!

We were tasked by the Ministry of Financial Affairs with the elections for the ‘Most Beautiful Natural Area in the Netherlands’. These were some fantastic elections, with as many as 400 publications, 87,903 voters, 31,000 views of videos featuring Floortje Dessing, and the announcement of the winner in DWDD by Mr Pieter van Vollenhove. We were presented with a Cross Media Award and a Cannes Lions nomination for our work on this election.

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Live Voting & Realtime Interaction (private and public)

Reliable private group voting tools!

In addition to the public elections, which have an open character, we offer a perfect solution for when voting is only allowed by those entitled to vote. This is also possible with weighting and the timing for answering the questions can run parallel to, for example, a General Members Meeting!

Fortunately, during the Corona crisis, a lot of decision-making by private groups / voters can simply take place via Vote Company's reliable and safe online voting tool.

The Vote Company voting tool has been further developed over the past 10 years. Because there is now a great demand for digital voting, we have launched a separate website for this: www.onlinevotingtool.com

We see that more people vote online than when they still had to be in one place for, for example, a General Members Meeting. Greater involvement of members and more support for the decisions taken thanks to the use of an online voting tool!

More info can be found on the website for online voting!

PIET for events

Meet PIET. PIET has been developed by Vote Company and stands for Public Interactive Event Tool. This tool offers you everything you need for Live Voting and Realtime Interaction. This could include interaction between the audience and the speaker(s) during an event. Would you like to allow the audience to vote or gauge realtime opinions from propositions? We can show results on the screen in realtime if required and carry out last-minute amendments in a flash.

With PIET, we offer a reliable tool suitable for an audience for 10 to 10,000 people. PIET is highly user-friendly and can be set up in line with the event's house style. We design PIET in the exact way you envisaged it.

Would you like to find out what else you can do with this tool and how it can be used at other events? If so, get in touch!

Custom Election Platform & Voting Tools

Over the years, we have continuously developed our election platform, and we’ll always continue to do so. This makes our platform reliable and flexible, allowing us to facilitate any kind of elections. Every election, of course, is different. Would you like an election with nominees per municipality, per province, nationally or even worldwide? One or multiple ballots? Provide points for improvement and assessment figures in a benchmark report for nominees? All of this is possible! Our voting tools are responsive and suitable for all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Of course, the main social media tools are integrated into our voting tools, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Whatsapp. These means that people can share their nominations or vote with a click of a button.

Our voting platform is scalable and reliable. Large numbers of votes at the same time, for example during TV broadcasts, are no problem at all. We can design an election website in any style you want, but we also have templates. We can place the voting platform on a separate URL or integrate it into your own website or domain.

Would you like to find out more about our election platform for open voting? Get in touch!

Organizing & Facilitating

Our activities differ per election. We can organize elections from A to Z and thus completely unburden clients. But we can also facilitate parts of elections, such as just a voting platform. We are happy to discuss with you what you want to do yourself and which activities we perform. Our services are modular!

Publicise your elections for a greater impact!

After all, we know like no other how you can use the power of an election. We use our experience with over 100 elections to determine what works, and what doesn’t. We maintain a sophisticated communication strategy every election before, during and afterwards. This allows us to reach, inform, inspire and motivate the major target groups. These target groups are often celebrities, media professionals, voters and stakeholders.

If you'd like to know exactly how to publicise your elections, visit our inspiration session on “How to publicise your elections” (also available on request).

Custom Award Shows
An awards presentation is part of every election. In a period such as the Corona crisis, an Online Award Presentation or even Online Award Show can be made of it (often with a larger reach!).. We love organising unforgettable Awards Presentation, in which the winners are congratulated by celebrities, partners and the media. This includes a wonderful location, champagne and confetti.
An Awards Presentation can be small and intimate or a major affair; we can design a suitable concept for any budget. One example? View this video (including a Frank Wentink quote):

What clients say about us

Kim Kötter

Presenter and organiser of Miss Netherlands and Miss Germany

“We’ve been working with Vote Company for years now. The professionalism is a great plus, and I’m looking forward to many more years of cooperation. Kim Kötter, presenter and organiser of Miss Netherlands and Miss Germany”.

Ronald Griffioen - Persgroep

Director of Business Development & Marketing Partnerships

“The Club Heroes election for amateur sports is one of the major motivation campaigns in Dutch sport. Together with Vote Company, we have developed a concept while they provide the vote platform and communication with celebrities and voters. Together, we can make each edition into a major success!”, Ronald Griffioen, Director of Business Development & Marketing Partnerships.

Charlotte Persyn

NOC*NSF Marketing and Communication Project Manager.

“We enjoyed our cooperation with Vote Company both at the concept stage and in the implementation of the Company of the Year elections. Short lines, flexible, decisive and with great results!”.

Corine Vissser

Food Retail & Beauty Events Manager at Easyfairs

Vote Company has ensured that especially high-quality visitors have come to our fairs in recent years. They enjoyed receiving their Award and celebrating their titles!

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