Vote via WhatsApp

11.5 million Dutch people send messages each day using WhatsApp. Vote Company is now the only company in the world to use WhatsApp in a totally new way: you can use WhatsApp to vote in elections.

Vote via WhatsApp

“This is something we’re really proud of”, says Marcel Demper, director of Vote Company. “As far as we’re able to tell, we are the first company in the world to use ‘voting via WhatsApp’”. WhatsApp tends to be highly critical of what happens on the platform but responded very positively towards the idea. It’s then a major task to implement everything and ensure that it all works properly. It has been extensively tested in practice over the recent period and is highly user friendly”.


Major advantages

The expectation is that ‘voting via WhatsApp’ is just about to take off, and Vote Company anticipates that between now and the next two years, this will be applied to the majority of audience elections. It is highly user friendly for the consumer and has a number of major advantages when it comes to confirming a vote with a link by email. Using WhatsApp guarantees that people can vote once per mobile telephone number, and offers an outstanding opportunity to implement controls, allowing the election to run as smoothly as possible.


Marketing objectives

Voting via WhatsApp can be easily combined with marketing objectives. For example, by recruiting double opt-ins for an email newsletter. This is obviously all in accordance with the guidelines of the current Privacy Act.


About Vote Company

Vote Company was founded in 2010 and facilitates elections and provides voting platforms. Vote Company’s clients include the Chamber of Commerce, the Persgroep, NOC*NSF, Rabobank, Vakmedianet,, Food Personality, the Ministry of Financial Affairs and Zoover. For more information on voting via Whatsapp and voting platforms, get in touch with us.